Spring Break Staycation

I did originally have a trip planned for this week (to Haiti) but for obvious reasons, that has been postponed until October. So here I find myself, at home over spring break for the first time in five years.

Things I have loved about this break:
  • Long, leisurely coffee/breakfast/devotional sessions.
  • Staying in my pajamas until early afternoon.
  • Catching up with friends (both face-to-face and via teh internets)
  • Indulging in naps in the patch of sunlight that falls directly across my bed just after lunch.
  • 8-10 hours of sleep per night.
  • Having time to begin filtering through and organizing all of my stuff in a preemptive packing blitz just in case we do decide to move out when our lease is up in June. (Not that I've actually bothered to do any of this yet. But I do have the time available to do it. You know, if I ever work up the enthusiasm.)
Things I have not liked about this break:
  • Studying math in preparation my date Saturday with the GRE. (Hate, hate, hate!)
  • Having a broken clothes washer the one week I'm home and actually have time to catch up on my laundry.
  • Feeling that there's so much more I should be doing this week instead of just taking it easy.
  • Putting up with Florida's anomalously uncooperative temperature issues. (Come on, Florida, all I'm asking for is a little beach weather.)
Lest I end on a negative note, I must say that given a choice between getting enough sleep and soaking in some sun, I'll have to admit that the sleep seems to be doing me good. At least now I won't have to endure the rest of the semester looking like a cross between a jaundiced sailor and The Addams Family.


  1. I am glad you staycation was restful for the most part. You needed to just relax.


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