Sharing the Wealth: Win a Copy of Ruthette's Head for Your Very Own (a contest)

Every year LifeTouch photography comes to our school to take portraits for the yearbook. Since part of the deal is that teachers receive complementary photo packages, I have collected more pictures of myself over the years than anyone actually needs.

This year's batch turned out to be especially precious, since I happened to be in the midst of a (failed) attempt to grow out my hair when school pictures rolled around. I am now the proud recipient of an entire photo package featuring a huge toothy grin, medium-level eye pits, and what my sister calls "square hair."

As these treasures are too wonderful for us to hoard, we here at the Little Yellow Apartment have decided to host a competition:

Win a Copy of Ruthette's Head for Your Very Own!"

Participants are encouraged to essay freely on one of the following topics:
1) Her Fearful Symmetry: Ruthette's Attempt to Erode the Myth of Classic Beauty
2) The Proper Care and Feeding of Ruthette
3) Ruthenia: The Rise and Fall of a Global Empire
4) Ruthette Madness: How One Woman's Olympic Commentary Has Changed the Face of Sports Forever
5) The Unknowable Ruthette: The Secret Life of Our Favorite Internet Sensation

Official Submission and Notification Guidelines:
  • Essays will be accepted electronically until midnight (EST) on March 5, 2010. Winners will be announced by noon on March 6, 2010, with the top three essays appearing in this blog.
  • Submissions must be no shorter than six words and no longer than 2,000 double-spaced pages.
  • Submissions must be e-mailed directly to Ruthette's Gmail account. (Comment for more information.)
Top Winners will choose from the following prizes:
  • Signed 8x10 Glossy (1 available)
  • Signed 5x7 Glossy (2 available)
  • 3x5 Glossy (4 available)
  • 2x3 Glossy (9 available)
  • Laminated bookmark (1 available)
  • Square keychain laminates (3 available)
  • Rounded keychain laminates (3 available)
  • Wallet-sized 2010 Calendar laminates (2 available)
DISCLAIMER: Contest Judges do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, shoe size, gender, jumping ability, or coffee-drinking habits. Contest limited to human (and humanoid) persons over the age of 18 and currently residing on planet earth. Contest rules subject to drastic alteration without warning or explanation. By entering contest, participants accept the high possibility that they will be mocked, scorned and/or ridiculed for displaying their prize(s). Void where prohibited.


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