Problems I Have While Watching Hockey

I do try to keep track of the game. Really, I do. But there are just so many things about hockey that I find distracting.
  • I worry about the refs. How do they avoid getting clobbered, and why oh why are they not wearing pads!?
  • I am constantly delighted with the commentators' vocabulary. Who knew there were so many ways to describe a man hitting something with a stick?
  • One of the NBCcommentators cannot figure out which camera he should be looking into at any given time. I find this just as interesting (if not more so) than the actual game.
  • The puck is so tiny. If they can't make it bigger, they should at least fix it up with some flashing lights so that we can keep track of it better.
  • This sport looks insanely difficult. I mean, I can't even skate straight forward without falling down, and these guys make what they are doing look so fluid and elegant. (Also, I now want to learn to skate backward. Or forward. Or at all.)
  • Does Ryan Miller know how much his hair is sticking out of his helmet?
  • Why is fighting and mouthing off more acceptable in this sport than in other sports?
  • There should be a sport invented that is a mix between hockey and life-sized chess. It would give new meaning to the terms check and check mate.


  1. can't follow it either. i liked short-lived glowing puck

  2. Didn't they used to put a little streamer/tail type thing behind the puck digitally? Why did they stop doing that?

  3. I worry about the refs too. It causes me a lt of stress which is ridiculous but still it does.


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