The Quite Special Olympics: Just for People Like Me

While eating chips and dip during the Olympics tonight, we came to the determination that there should be something called The Quite Special Olympics just for people like me.

Thus far, the only events we have decided on have been:
1) Eating Cheese Dip Without Getting It On Pants. (I mostly fail at this. Much training needed.)
2) Listening Attentively to Announcers So As to Not Ask Questions Directly Relating to What Was Just Stated Moments Before in Quite Plain Language. (Muahahahaha!)

Other Possible Events:
3) Controlling the Mute Button (or avoiding the responsibility thereof by claiming to be too far away to reach it and then throwing the remote control across the room).
4) Walking Without Falling Down.
5) Stalking Aksel Svindal (the only event in which I hope to medal!).



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