Calm, Straight & Forward

Mission Accomplished

Once or twice a year, my sister and her horse compete in the Twin Rivers Saddle Club Dressage Series. This morning I met up with my sister-in-law, and together we toted her four podlings down to the competition grounds at Sunlight Farms so that they could watch their Aunt perform.

We arrived a few minutes before my sister rode her third (and final) test. There was just enough time for the kids to say hello to horse and rider before they all immediately had to use the restroom.

Getting Acquainted

While children were being ferried back and forth to the port-o-potties, I ran into two students (one current, one former). Then our Parental Unit arrived. Just in time!

After making several rounds in the warm-up arena, my sister went off to the side and sat focusing until her test began.

Getting Ready

During the actual test, I stood up near "A", video taping the ride and, at one point, keeping Podling #4 from running out onto the arena.

Good job, Aunt Beef!

While we waited around for scores and awards, an additional family member of ours showed up. It was a good thing, too, because his children had begun their first melt-downs of the day:

First Meltdown of the Day

Although not in time to see the rides, he was in time to congratulate his sister for her three first-place awards. He also was in time to help her carry her awards and prizes out to the trailer. While she stayed to load up her horse and cart everything back to the stable, we all met up at a local restaurant for a celebratory lunch without her.

Award Winners - 2

A good time was had by all!

(Click for entire set on Flickr).


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