Jack Frost Nipping at my Nose

One of the most fabulous things about living in South Florida would have to be the weather. I would say that's why so many people move here every year. (Especially old people who are tired of shoveling snow off their walks and are past the point in life when sledding sounds like a good idea.)

You will imagine the unpleasant shock I received this morning when I finally ventured outside, bundled six layers deep in all of the clothing that I own (with a giant trash-bag taped over the outer layer for wind resistance) when what to my wondering (and horrified) eyes should appear but this:

1/6/10: Winter


After checking my Ford Focus manual for information, I was able at some length to activate two helpful features called "heat" and "defrost." Although I had seen those buttons on my dashboard before, of course, I had no inkling as to their purpose and had assumed that they were decorative rather than functional (much like the button that reads "Passenger Side Airbag On/Off.")

There is an upside to this turn of events, though: I have finally found a multipurpose use for my jumbo-sized beach blankets: they are spread over the top of my bed for warmth.


  1. I can't decide whether I hope you're exaggerating about the trash bag or not. If only I hadn't given away that giant red coat you tried on when you were here! I could have shipped it Priority and let your apartment manager lose it!

  2. I'm shocked that you even have to ask. The Sister agrees that my blog should be subtitled "The Hyperbole of Me."

    Although in all honesty, I did leave the house in five layers on top this morning: 2 camisoles, a shirt, a sweater, and my wool coat.

    I couldn't do much about my legs, though, since we're required to wear skirts and I don't own any really long ones (except thin beach-style ones) so my legs mostly just froze.

  3. It's just that I've seen you look homeless before, and I couldn't see the fingers of sincerity...so I thought it best to ask.


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