The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Thrill of Victory = Knocking out my Christmas shopping in an hour and a half.
Agony of Defeat = Having my mother walk into the store as I was buying her present.

Thrill of Victory = Getting a package slip in my mailbox.
Agony of Defeat = Being told that there is no longer a package for me in the office and that nobody seems to know what happened to it.

Thrill of Victory = Knowing that I have the next two weeks off work.
Agony of Defeat = Spending it listening to recorded Christmas music due to the failure of Operation Capture Josh Groban's Voice in a Tupperware and Run Away With It.


  1. Welcome to Blogspot! I use this forum for my political rants to keep them out of my other journals.

    I have added you to my Google Reader which is the ONLY way to fly and keep up with stuff like this.

    Rock on, sister! Rock on!!

  2. Ditto on Google Reader. It's the only way to fly. And by "fly" I mean "read blogs".

  3. Yes, I am now keeping up with Oatmeal for Breakfast in the same way!


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